Baking adventures

I like to bake occasionally and experiment with recipes. When I first started baking at 18, I used to burn and char all my cookies but as I got more practice, my baked goodies get less charred. And my range gets bigger – I used to be confined to cookies and brownies mostly but now I can do cakes and blondies (bar type cookie).

I usually bake on festive occasions because this is the time I’m a bit more free (yay no rehearsals!) and more ever, it means most of my hungry ghouls (read: family) are at home to be my guinea pigs.

Today is Banana Cake with less sugar day. Instead of the 3/4 cup sugar, I added in only half as my dad and grandma are diabetics and cannot take a lot of sugar. Much thanks to Angela (my JC classmate who baked this for her bf’s birthday i think) for her recipe which turns out to be awesome. It’s my second time trying this recipe, the first time I added the required 3/4 cup of sugar which turned out to be okay for me but my family thinks its too sweet. Since I don’t usually eat what I bake, I might as well bake it less sweet.

banana cake which is half gone already

seeing i’m already buttery and floury, I tried a second recipe which I chanced upon on Smitten Kitchen which looked like something that I actually will eat. I like the fact that i’m able to play around with the ingredients and add whatever I like. I added choc chips which I bought since… some time ago and bananas again since I had some left over.

The result: hmmm i think banana doesnt go with choc chips in a blondie. I halved the sugar and its still very sweet. I think its an acquired taste – my mum thinks that its a weird taste. Oh well, to each their own.

the blondie that no one touched yet


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