something to share

I am finally managing a decent round-off and I hope to master my back hand spring & back walkover soon. I enjoy gymnastics much, sometimes, I think even more than dance. The adrenaline rush is amazing.

This year i’m finally not doing jazz for my DU item. I think my genre is more hip hop than jazz this year.

Oh, and something came from Hong Kong for me. Shall stay positive & upbeat about it.

This week’s update

I have been busy – juggling school, work & dance makes me tired and sleepy. i miss having free days to sleep in, instead I drag myself out of bed and cross the road to get to the office. I miss my sleep-in-until-2pm days.

I need to get back to work on jazz. My pirouettes and chaines are so rusty that I doubt I can even pull off a double turn now. oh no dear doubles wherefore art thou? I am missing you deep deep. Time to start looking for a good jazz class and buck up on turns.

penchee on a ladder

I’m going to turn 22 next week. How very surreal. I’m about to take my 1st step into the corporate world in less than 6 months. I hope this year will be a good one. No more tears, no more heartbreak. If the astro-palmistry guy is correct and I will get married at 26/27, I think i’m in trouble then.

much emotions

A few days ago, some friends and I joined a dance competition by F&N and we even got interviewed by The New Paper.

interview by The New Paper

Needs to work harder, much harder.

whirlwind in my head

After a while my mind just stops thinking and my body moves. Its muscle memory that recognises the music. The mental being doesn’t. I think my hard disk space is slowly deteriorating.

Just finished choreo-ing + block first half of my DU song on paper. It looks good on paper. I hope it will work out in real life too. This is the first time I’m choreoing + blocking so far ahead for an item. further more, I’m taking a different approach this time, not sure how it will work out. I’m terrified it won’t work out. Further more I try to rotate my dancers to the best of what I can so that no one gets stuck at the back. Its so… mind & brain torturing.

I have had some funny/weird dreams these few nights. Most of the time I wake up in tears. I always dream of the same few things:

1. Being trapped in a no sensory feel room. The room is white, shiny with no nooks/crannies.

2. Having no teeth at all.


week 1 of school

Its my final semester and its week one. Slowly counting down to the time where I’ll be free of exams, tutorials, lectures etc. Everyone tells me I’ll hate work and love studying. I have no idea how the future is going to be, but I’m sure God has his plans for me.

Yesterday, 2 things rattled me and I haven’t been in the right state of mind. I was terribly off form, esp towards the end of the class. Coupled that with tiredness, I was just a wrecked case. Usually I have a humongous appetite but for some reason, my meals are now 1/2 untouched. I wasn’t even tempted by Calbee Seaweed chips.

On a brighter note, I have been to two awesome food places.

1. Black Angus at NUS Law Campus where I shared a platter, had baby pork ribs and soup. I was really lucky because the meal was free, courtesy of vouchers I koped from my parents.  I liked my baby back ribs as the meat was really easy to slice from the bones and it melts in your mouth. The serving was a bit too small. The lunch set is value for money, think its about $20+ you get a soup, salad, main course and dessert. Considering its quite an atas and classy place in a deserted area, I think the price is worth the food.

Steak with sides: garlic mash + veggies

Platter that consists of: cold shrimps, baked potato skins, fried chicken and fried mushrooms

My Baby Back ribs

2. La Nonna at Holland Village. They have a 50% discount during lunchtime and its damn worth it. I had pasta with REAL crab & lobster meat wrapped in it. Kind of like pasta dumplings. And thin pizza – eggs, ham & black truffle. It was the bomb man. I think I wolfed down the food before even having the chance to snap the pictures. Its a must go again. The bill cost $20 after a 50% discount for 2.

3. Noble House at Raffles Place. I went there for buffet with another 3 of my friends. You need a minimum of 4 person for the buffet as each dish is set for 4. The cuisine is mostly Chinese but they have some Japanese dishes peppered in like raw salmon. There was this crab dish atop steamed egg which was good.  The roast meats are nothing like Malaysia or Hong Kong but it satisfies the craving. My gripe is that they tend to serve dishes a bit like stir fry and cze char, the scallops are hidden in the veggies.

dishes from noble house: roast meats, cereal soft shell crab, peking duck, raw salmon

A start to a new year

New year’s eve has come to be a tradition, to celebrate with people closest to me whom they have watched me grow for the past three years. My very first foray into the dance world and prepping for university life to three years later almost ending my university life. They saw me fall in love, out of it and listened to my endless gripes, tears, reasoning and loneliness. I am really thankful for their existence.

That particular 1.5 years was also the time where my happiness and pain were at the peak. I never felt so happy and I never experienced that much pain. I am glad for dance which was my escapade. I was able to express some of my emotions in a choreography as well. I have since stopped thinking of the item altogether.

4 more months of staying away from home before I move home for good. i think I will not be able to get used to staying home. I lust for freedom and keys to an available car in the future is not good – its almost a ticket to instant gratification. If you dont count the fact that I cant park yet.

I can’t wait to graduate really. I have big plans for the future and I do hope it will not fall through. I need to get away from this crazy world.

I love the adrenalin rush from gymnastics, so much that i was almost tempted to give up a certain very important thing in my life.