A start to a new year

New year’s eve has come to be a tradition, to celebrate with people closest to me whom they have watched me grow for the past three years. My very first foray into the dance world and prepping for university life to three years later almost ending my university life. They saw me fall in love, out of it and listened to my endless gripes, tears, reasoning and loneliness. I am really thankful for their existence.

That particular 1.5 years was also the time where my happiness and pain were at the peak. I never felt so happy and I never experienced that much pain. I am glad for dance which was my escapade. I was able to express some of my emotions in a choreography as well. I have since stopped thinking of the item altogether.

4 more months of staying away from home before I move home for good. i think I will not be able to get used to staying home. I lust for freedom and keys to an available car in the future is not good – its almost a ticket to instant gratification. If you dont count the fact that I cant park yet.

I can’t wait to graduate really. I have big plans for the future and I do hope it will not fall through. I need to get away from this crazy world.

I love the adrenalin rush from gymnastics, so much that i was almost tempted to give up a certain very important thing in my life.


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