whirlwind in my head

After a while my mind just stops thinking and my body moves. Its muscle memory that recognises the music. The mental being doesn’t. I think my hard disk space is slowly deteriorating.

Just finished choreo-ing + block first half of my DU song on paper. It looks good on paper. I hope it will work out in real life too. This is the first time I’m choreoing + blocking so far ahead for an item. further more, I’m taking a different approach this time, not sure how it will work out. I’m terrified it won’t work out. Further more I try to rotate my dancers to the best of what I can so that no one gets stuck at the back. Its so… mind & brain torturing.

I have had some funny/weird dreams these few nights. Most of the time I wake up in tears. I always dream of the same few things:

1. Being trapped in a no sensory feel room. The room is white, shiny with no nooks/crannies.

2. Having no teeth at all.



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