Just had an interview on saturday and I’m glad that I pretty much aced it but there are other factors that do come into place.  Eager to hear the results and crossing all my fingers that I will get it because this is what I have been waiting for. I even went to the trouble of putting make up on. Maybe this was a bad move, everyone was asking me if I just finished doing a show and even my choreographer reaction was “WAH”. Pfft. Maybe I should shock people once in a while and put more make up on.

2 more months of education until I end my education journey. It seems too fast.

Moving home is going to be a torture. After so many years of freedom and independence, going home to stay is going to be weird and somewhat, maybe awkward. Not having my own personal space and privacy is going to need some getting used to.

The thing that I am going to miss most are my dance friends and having a dance studio which I can play in all night long. I’ll miss doing concerts semester after semester, the bonding and spending time with my friends. It is all so precious now. I have no idea where my path brings me to next.


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