Lao Ban tau huay and Aloy Thai

2 new places to introduce:

Lao Ban tau huay is at old airport food centre, the second lane from the car park. This bean curd is really special in the sense that it doesn’t have the usual tau huay syrup. Its form is more of a pudding. When you take a bite, the tau huay melts in your mouth into tau huay jui (soya milk). It’s my favourite tau huay after I have found out about it and now, I can’t eat other types of tau huay. The owner of the stall hand makes the tau huay on site. The tau huay tastes really different. And it’s not just the tau huay but the soyabean milk tastes different as well. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just… different.

However, getting hold of this tau huay is a bitch. Firstly, its an hour away from me but pretty near the place I temp at so sometimes, I like to drop by the place after work. However, there’s usually a queue of 20 mins at least. The office people nearby like to snap up like 20 packs at once. Other aunties buy like 20 packs too. It’s like… nobody buys one or two packs of tau huay. Also, it sells out really fast. By 3pm it usually sells out and the next batch will be available at 6.30pm only.

It’s either a you like it or you don’t like it thing. My mum came back once with 5 packs and nobody in my house touched it except for me.  All that tau huay were mine for the next two days.

The tau huay without syrup

Had Aloy Thai at Shaw Towers the other day with a couple of friends. Good, filling Thai food at a reasonable price in Bugis area. I managed to snap a few pictures only before my phone started to run low on battery. We had 3 mains and 3 sides for 4 of us. We managed to finish almost everything.

Thai style fried chicken I think. Sweet and a lil spicy but nothing I can’t handle. That’s pretty mild considering I don’t even do Zinger burger

Butter Calamari. This was my favourite!

fried seafood glass noodles. I like this too


2 thoughts on “Lao Ban tau huay and Aloy Thai

    1. Hi there, thanks for the recommendation. This entry was written some two years ago and many more soya bean pudding stalls have popped up since then. I seemed to have gone off soya bean pudding but will definitely try Happy Boy Soya Bean if I see it.

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