Irvin’s Cze Char

Update, 27 June 2012:

Irvin’s has moved to Thomson, the new address is:

No. 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thompson Road
Singapore, 577548

Tel: 6836-5020

Do check out their new buffet/lunch menu which is pretty affordable!  Also, the same establishment has opened a new restaurant, Leban HK Cafe featuring Hong Kong fusion dishes.


Since it has been a not so good day and my readership has been +1 from the previous day, I shall blog about one of my favourite eating places called Irvin’s Cze Char. It’s good for its salted egg yolk crabs.

I chanced upon this place after reading about it on a few blogs and the pictures look superb. I read a feature article about it on 8 days as well. The tag line of the restaurant was ” the most handsome famous Cze Char”. I think it was referring to its boss whom I can’t really put a ring to it.

Its located at 397 River Valley Road, opposite Great World City. The location is pretty inaccessible, you need to have a clear head fixated on crabs or you will lose the drive for the travelling. Either that or drive. By public transport, you’ll have to alight at Tiong Bahru MRT and take a short bus ride in.

I don’t usually have seafood outside with friends because it is expensive since most seafood places go by weight, e.g. $30/100g. The good thing about Irvin’s is that they charge based on per crab, therefore you have a choice of big crabs at $28 or smaller ones at $22.  One crab can be shared between 2 persons which makes it affordable enough to have it outside without your parents (since they usually pay when I eat out). Honestly, I don’t think there is much difference between the $28 and $22 crabs.  Maybe you get like 2 more bites.

Crab 1: Jazreel’s Birthday

I like the crabs because of the tasty gravy that sits well with man tou (buns) or rice. It is cooked with fragrant curry leaves that adds a zesty tinge to it. There are bits of egg yolk in the gravy too.  The crabs are not the freshest that I had.  But go to the Irvin’s for the gravy, that’s the thing worthy of an hour’s trip.

Crab 2: After exams food escapade

More food logs to come!


One thought on “Irvin’s Cze Char

  1. Hi,

    greetings from Irvin’s Seafood!
    Thanks for the wonderful review you had done on us. Anyway, Irvin’s have relocated!

    Here’s our new address: Upper Thomson Road, No 4 Jalan Leban, Singapore 5577548

    We have also opened another new establishment – Leban HK Cafe (which is just located next to Irvin’s)

    We would like to invite you over to Leban for dinner one of these days.
    Do let me know if you are keen & we can make arrangments.

    It would be great if you can E-mail me instead. Thanks! 🙂


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