Cat 1: Goon Goon

I have 2 cats at home, one boy and one girl, both neutered so no babies. The girl is called Kim Kim which means shiny or gold. The boy naturally has to be called Goon Goon which means silver. Goon Goon came into our house 2 years ago at Christmas. He was abandoned in a box at my estate’s playground. We took pity on him and brought him home. Apparently, he had a sibling whom was bitten to death by red ants. So so cruel.

He was so young at that point of time we had to bottle feed him.

Meet Goon Goon

We had to feed him about 3-4 times a day with special kitty formula purchased from pet shops. His milk bottle came from there as well.  The milk bottle’s teat had to be replaced frequently because he used to chew through them while sucking the milk out.

He used to have baby blue eyes when he was days old but the eye colour started to change as he grew older. His ears were dumpy and small too. He had fuzzy baby fur.

fuzzy fur that was hard to groom

eyes that hanged colour

His head was huge for his small body and sometimes, he looked awkward. It was as though he was photo shopped onto his body. My point in case:

sleeping peacefully on my duvet

But he started to grow into his looks and get more comfortable with his body. He is more attached to my mum and follows her around the whole house. Because he was reared by humans since young, he is very attached to us and had some sort of separation anxiety. He mews very loudly whenever he is left alone.

Asleep on my duvet

Also, because he grew up on cat food and formula milk,  he doesn’t eat any human food at all, not even fish. He never had a taste and at most, he will give it a patronising sniff before turning away. My mum says it was because there was no need for him to scavenge for food, hence, he doesn’t have to turn to human food.

at a year old

He has natural eyeliner around his eyes that we dubbed “guyliner”.  He has a hobby and that’s mischief. He has a natural talent for climbing.

The french windows in my room is his monkey bars

And a natural affinity with water, but only small streams of water from taps.

He loves playing with tap water

It saddens me that we were too late and could not save his sibling from such a grisly and painful death. He was brought a lot of joy to our family and is a favourite topic amongst our friends and relatives. He has a gentle and peaceful nature and does not bite people. Although he’s playful, he doesn’t extend his claws out so he bats you with a soft paw.

He’s also a perfect model who stays still for snaps.

He’s my perfect cat model.

He’s barely 2 years old now and he will still grow into his looks. My mum likes to call him her little prince. I’ll keep updating this page about his growth progress.


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