The last move

This marks my last move between hostel and home.


all the bags..


my last paper

Today is my last academic paper ever in NUS and I have kind of given up on it. My mind is hast switched on the holiday mood now. I can’t wait to lounge at home. I think I will get bored very quickly though. There’s tons of mass buying sites offering cheap short holidays. I think I might just get a few of those quick getaways.

To celebrate my last day of studying (i did say I was in holiday mood), I had a good lunch in Holland Village. It was my attempt to eat my favourite foods before i say goodbye to Clementi.

I went La Nonna at Holland Village. It’s one of the few Italian restaurants that I go to because Italian food is too expensive for an undergrad. What’s great about La Nonna is that they have a 50% discount on lunch from 1230-230pm which is valid until May 2011. The food is good and the service is even better. I felt like a total princess.

The waiter served us freshly baked bread with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil dip

We had crabmeat linguine in tomato cream which had bits of crab meat in it. The sauce went well with the meat and the linguine was QQ

The mushroom room had truffle oil and small chunks of mushroom in it. It was pretty pricey at its original price of $15 but with 50% discount and split between two person, it wasn't that bad. The waiter even went to the lengths of serving 1 portion in two bowls

The pizza was unassuming and good. Not too heavy on the stomach as the crust was thin. You get to break the egg yolk which was fun.

That sums up my lunch degustation at La Nonna. I do want to return there once more before it finishes its promotion run.

There was a new bubble tea store at Holland Village as well. They have a 1 for 1 promotion which is limited to 200 cups per day. There was this bunch of New Town boys that remarked its better than Koi.

Is it a LOL or 101?

The milk tea comes in cup holders if you purchase more than 2 cups

The milk tea was a good companion to for my last study session. It has a more milky taste than most normal milk teas. It tends to get a bit more bloated because of the high milk content. I prefer a more “tea” taste like Gong Cha.

I’m going to fight my last academic war now.

I hope this entry is useful for you foodies.

teary eyed at films

I’m very bad at watching films, I cry at the slightest emotional bits and get scared at the smallest things. Today, i shed tears watching youtube videos a friend showed me.

There was one posted at a blog about relationships. It’s titled Strangers again by Wongfu Productions.

Sigh, the sweetness of love. You turn back and say thank you for giving me beautiful memories that I hold on tight upon. but in the end, they are still a figment of your mind, nothing real, something visceral.