After two months of bumming around and chasing a “dream”, I kind of got a reality check and moved on with life. It wasn’t an easy choice definitely, I still want to head overseas ultimately but maybe, just maybe, the timing now isn’t right.

Then it was a full-on search for the perfect job in Singapore. At this point of time, I’m not really sure if I am suited for the corporate world – the interviews alone scare the crap out of me. Even at 22, sometimes I think, hey, maybe I’m just not “grown up” enough to do this crap. I can’t even park a car properly.

But we all have to grow up.

I recently had the courage to do something that I always wanted to. Again, it wasn’t an easy choice. I see my peers, my juniors and my seniors all foraging ahead in the dance scene because they love to dance and they yearn to improve. Somehow, I kind of lost the spark along the way.

For now, there are more important things for me like settling down in a job doing things that I enjoy doing. And also, to train in gymnastics and finally get my aerial and handsprings up. I’m not a pro at gymnastics, hell, I’m prolly the worst out there but I enjoy gymnastics a lot now. And like I said, I need to do something that I like and I enjoy. Some day, I want to be the one out there flipping across the stage.


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