Sumo Nabe Hotpot

Sometimes when people ask me what type of dance do I like best, I’m usually stumped. My first real foray into dance seriously was in Jazz. After entering NUS, I was much influenced by certain individuals, surrounded by their friends and started doing more hip hop.

Today, I like to think I waver between the two.

I don’t really have much to update now because my days are spent between going for job interviews, dance classes or rehearsals and bumming around. At this point of time, I hate how volatile my life is because I don’t have a career set out for me. As exciting as it may sound having lots of career choices available for you, it is a bitch to wait for phone calls and go for interviews.

I have been watching a lot of drama serials and reading books that situate themselves around love, betrayal and lies.And recently, I learnt the new meanings of lies. Like what exactly constitute a lie? Is a white lie that is not meant to harm but inconsequential still a lie? And also, just telling some parts of a truth, does it constitute a lie?

I have found a new love at Soup Spoon btw, it is called Sumo Nabe Hotpot. It’s not usually available on the regular menus of Soup Spoon but it was on this fortnight’s menu.

The soup base is somewhat like how a Shio ramen taste like, salty and milky. It’s cooked with soy milk and fortified with nutritious stuff my grandma adds in soups – chicken, cabbage and mushrooms.  I love the rich flavours of the soup but I think there’s a tad too much MSG in the soup and it appears oily to me. It’s a nice change for a fortnight if you frequent Soup Spoon.


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