Tembusu College

After checking my stats, I realised that a lot of people were googling and reaching my blog on “Lao Ban tau huay”. Before I started work, I still had time to drop by and queue for tau huay. But as a working adult now, I really don’t have the luxury and time to do that.

Moving on with work, let me show you my work station:

My two monitors

The desktop monitor is an extension of my laptop. I know I’m really lucky to have a wide screen monitor but I’m really not used to having my eyes cross over to the other side of the keyboard. A lot of times, the desktop monitor just sits and sleeps there.

I dropped by Tembusu College for a visit the other day. Didn’t get much pictures but here’s my meal that I had at Tembusu:

nom noms at Tembusu

I must say it’s case of what you pay is what you get. In halls, our meal plan cost $4/day for breakfast and dinner – both of which I have a tendency to skip a lot. I admit that I’m a picky eater though. As much as I miss my times at Raffles Hall, one thing that I don’t miss is the food. Except for maybe Tuesday’s fish soup special.

Tembusu College residents pay $8/day for their meal plan which is pretty hefty but the food is way better than the meals at hostels. They get to choose between Indian, Malay, Chinese, Western and noodles for dinner. I had Malay food that day I dropped by for dinner – curry chicken, beef rendang, fried rice and veggies which I think its pretty good and not a turn off.

I like the fact that they have free flow salad with dressing. Also, there are drinks like fruit punch and atas coffee available. My friend was telling me that for breakfast they have bacon, sunny side ups and scrambled eggs.

However, my friend did tell me that he hasn’t seen anyone da bao food before. I can’t imagine any dancers staying there because we’re perpetually not at dinners since we have rehearsals every other night or we’re taking classes outside. My friend my Tembusu did tell me that they can roll over meal credits for 2 weeks. But, I still don’t see how this would have worked out for me.

Also, when the meals cost so much, that would mean I have to get up early for breakfast and this totally doesn’t work for me. I don’t get up before 12noon if I don’t have any morning classes.

Some pictures to share:

Tembusu sits in University Town (or UTown) which has a 24hours Starbucks. I think it’s lucky that I don’t stay there anymore because I can imagine me splashing a lot of money on atas coffee.


This is how the rooms look like. They’re more of an urban jungle, somewhat like Sheares and Kent Ridge Hall. What’s special is that they have suites and rooms. I’m not sure how they allocate though. My friend stays in a suite where he shares a living room and toilet (with a few cubicles)  with 5 other people. The communal space gets cleaned once a week.

It’s kind of like living on your outside.

I miss staying in Hall i think – the private space and the freedom with no one nagging at you to wake up and to come home early. I think I’m lucky in the sense that my parents don’t believe in micro managing my life as long as I have the sense to text them that I will be home late.

And my beloved Raffles Hall studio 3rd renovation:

new mirrors and flooring

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