10 years of friendship & counting…

the 5 of us

The five of us met during our secondary school days through our CCA. It seems a bit far away but we used to march under the sun for hours, think of it from 9-12noon then 2 to 6pm on saturdays.  We were from the secondary school military band.

Holey Schmoley, thats a good 7 hours coupled with your heavy instrument I must add.

I hoped around the different instruments sections when. I’ve played the flute, the piccolo and also, the snare drum. I swear I am not musically inclined, not hardworking enough and simply – not much of an interest in music. How did I end up joining band? I have no idea too.

Prolly because my secondary school had no dance CCA at that point of time. But I am glad to have gone through such a grueling time because, it is an additional mark to my mental strength. How did I endure those times under the sun and horrible physical training like running laps around the field?

I think the best take away I had was the friends I made. Not that we are super close or we meet up very often but it is heart warming that whenever we met, it doesn’t feel like years have gone by. Also, band was when I met my first best friend – the first time losing someone felt so painful as well.

Although I don’t say this but I’m so proud of all them for making it so far in life – because I must say not many of our secondary school peers made it to university.

And talking about university…


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