following my lack of updates…

I am finally back to show you some shots of typical lunches I have in my office area:

I was invited to a “new hire” lunch hosted by the big boss (senior vice pres of south asia) at an italian restaurant, Ricciotti. I didn’t manage pictures of my own dish because I gobbled it up before I could do anything. But here are some of the dishes I managed to snap:

Starter platter of bruschetta. My favourite was the smoked salmon bruschetta

Fritto Misto : platter of italian fried snacks with spicy tomato and mustard sauce

Parma ham pizza: the only main course I managed to snap

One of my favourite lunch venue has to be Hong Lim Food Centre for its large variety of cheap and good foods. I’ve packed  food to rehearsals a few times and usually, its cleaned out.

Ji Ji Wanton Noodles has to be my all time favourite wanton noodles shop for its delicious and big portions. The ingredients are superbly generous as well.

Wanton noodles

Close up

A little further from our office, nearer to chinatown area there’s this money for value soya sauce chicken stall. I like the accompanying wanton soup because of the wantons. There’s this bite to it. Although I’ve been there a few times, it has never occurred to me to take note of the shop’s name but I will update this post with the shop’s name when I have it.

Soya sauce chicken

There’s intriguing food at Golden Shoe Carpark level one’s food court as well. I had this Italian “mixed rice” sort of thing where you can have 3 different anti-pasto for $5.50 with soup and 1 piece of bread. It sounds very little but you can choose pasta or mashed potato sides to fill you up. Every additional pasto is $1 more.

pasta salad, mashed potatoes, sauteed hot dogs, fried chicken & vegetable soup


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