Monday pictorial post

She crosses her arms while she sleeps

Treasure chest of shoes

My mum says I started posing since young

My parents were very proud of the big family we have and used to make four of us take pictures together

And now, we’re all grown up – match the person!

On posts churning

I try to churn out a slew of posts on weekends to in order to create daily scheduled posts for the weekdays, but this will mean I must stockpile enough content for the week and be inspired enough to create six posts on Saturdays and Sundays.

I spent majority of my day baking today, hence, apologies I didn’t have time to create content today.

Check back on Monday (GMT +8 btw)  though! I promise to schedule new entries by then.

Sumo Wrestler Hotpot

Just a few weeks ago, I was wondering if Soup Spoon rotates its menu on a yearly basis because last year around this period, I was hooked on the Soup Spoon.

A year ago in August, I wrote about the Sumo Nabe Hotpot that I had at Soup Spoon.

Just a week ago, I found Sumo Wrestler Hotpot in Soup Broth Asia, the asian counterpart to Soup Spoon. The Sumo Wrestler Hotpot was the Chef’s Special so I suppose the menu will be rotated soon enough since Chef’s Specials are usually rotated on a two-weekly basis.

The soup tasted just as how I remembered it was last year. What a reminiscence.

Sumo Wrestler Hotpot

Since Soup Spoon is the ang moh cousin who serves bread rolls, Soup Broth Asia naturally serves rice with their soups. The serving was pretty small but I was filled by the large amounts of ingredients that came with my soup.

Full of ingredients!

I took sneaky looks at the other patrons’ soups and I think only this particular soup had that much ingredients. I didn’t really liked having an egg added to my soup as well but I still enjoyed the soup. It was full of things that I loved – cabbage, marinated chicken, mushrooms and carrots.

Blackbird cafe

Having brunch have always been a luxury. I remember during my Jitterbugs days, for a year, I woke up every morning on Sunday without fail at 8.30am to get to 10am techniques class. It was very very painful. I think sleeping is an acquired skill. At times, I find myself waking up at 5pm.

Anyway, my friend and I headed to The Blackbird Cafe for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. There wasn’t really nothing to shout about and I doubt I will be going back there. No pictures of the interior again, the cafe was packed.

The blackboard that houses The Blackbird’s food

Very small brunch menu

I had the eggs benedict (as always) and the taste was very different. I prefer my hollandaise sauce to have a runnier texture as compared to the cafe’s thicker, sauce that coalesced together. Also, the hollandaise sauce erred on the sour side and I felt that it didn’t really go well with the muffins. The mixed greens sauce was soury as well – which made the entire dish rather sour. I’m definitely not a veggies for breakfast person – any other time of the day, bring it on.

They call it Eggs Benny – $12

My friend had Nana’s Omelette which she said was the gooey, runny egg texture that she liked.

Nana’s omelette

I thought that Nana’s Omelette was somewhat a rip off as well because I could have cooked the entire dish at home for less than $5. But, I must commend that baked beans, it was not canned baked beans as I expected. The sauce was of a thicker consistency than that of the canned series.

Service was prompt, ice water was served but there were no spoons offered. Which made me wonder… How am I supposed to eat the gooey eggs then?

Overall, I felt that the portions were small and they do not offer sides which I think is essential to fill up one’s stomach. I guess that’s what comes with the price. I would head to Epicurious anyday really because for a couple more dollars I get something that really fills me up.

Deconstructed dress

One of my favourite past time is to drop by the flea markets during the weekends to check out what stuff people sell. On several occasions, I have managed to sift out blog shop dresses sold for a fraction of the original prices. On an occasion, I managed to get a dress at $10 (or maybe it was $12). I saw the exact same dress sold at a brick & motar blogshop.

I loved the vivid colours but the dress was way too short for me. I tried to pair it with leggings but it was unflattering as well.

Vivid colours!

I didn’t particularly liked the fitting of the top as well. Also, I thought that I could easily get any other cream top to go with the skirt so I decided to chop away the top.

Snip snip

I left sufficient cream cloth and folded in twice at the hem of the skirt to sew.

Folded in twice at the hem, pulled it tight and flat and sewed

How the hem looked like from inside

The hem has a “paperbag” kind of look

The final product

Of course, I did not do this alone. I stitched, maybe three stitches. My grandma is a pro at the needle and me, I just provided the directions. I could have done it myself (which would have taken ten years) or bring it to the seamstress, but like always, my grandma insisted on doing it herself.

The most difficult part about sewing this type of rubber-ised “paperbag” hemmed dress is that you would need to pull the rubber tight in order to sew in the hem without any excess cloth. My grandma and I did this together in an hour; I pulled the rubber while she sewed, all this done with watching her soap opera. My grandma is one amazing woman.

Raindrops Cafe

My friends and I are frequent shoppers at the weekend flea markets at *Scape. During one of our weekly trips, Jazreel and I stopped for a bite at Raindrops Cafe, a small snug cafe, just behind *Scape. The cafe is quite small, I think it can fit in a max of 25 people in the inside seating at one shot. The ambience looked like a pretty nice place to sit and chill at.

No pictures of the cafe interior itself guys, sorry! Somehow, when I do want to write about a place, there are too many people inside for me to take pictures without invading their privacy.

Since we had a quick brunch earlier, we stopped to grab a quick bite only. I liked their ice water – they put strawberries in the jugs of ice water so the water had a distinct strawberry after taste. I think it’ll be a good way to get my family to drink water.

Mushroom soup – $6

The mushroom soup serving was good enough to serve two. It was served with a slice of garlic bread that was too charred and grilled. I like that it was drizzled with truffle oil because I’m a fan of truffle! However, this soup was very milky and creamy such it tasted more like mushroom carbonara sauce. I think it would have been perfect as a pasta dish because it was so rich.

Shoestrong Truffle Fries – $10

Definitely not one of the better truffle fries I had as the truffle taste was not very strong. It was one of those fries that are fried in normal oil then sprinkled sparingly with truffle salt. However, the serving was big enough for three-four person comfortably.

The bill came up to about $17 for two items.

It’s a nice place to sit, chill and read a book or have a nice long catch up chat with your friends. They serve a range of alcoholic drinks as well. If I’m not wrong, they open until 2am. One for one drinks for boys on Wednedays (very seldom heard of!) and for girls on Thursdays. Everyone gets a 15% off on Mondays to kill those Monday blues! Order 6 mains at 40% off. Check out their Facebook Page for more promotions.

Bangkok hotel review: First House

Bangkok is one of my favourite destinations for its good food and fantastic deals. As much as I’m not a touristy person who likes to look at waters and hills, I map these onto my passion for good deals.

In all honesty, I don’t need a fantastic place to stay in, just a bed and a shower will do. This time, however, my fat brother tagged along for the trip and he doesn’t always head out with us.Sometimes, he would rather stay in the hotel room to escape from two women eager to find good deals.

We stayed at First House in the shopping district. The location was prime and we were 10 minutes away from Platinum and Shibuya. Both are great malls with wholesale prices although Shibuya tends to err on the pricier side. They have a map posted on their website; check it out if you’re interested to see the location.

My mum, fat bro and I stayed in the Family room which was big and spacious for us! The design was kinda vintage with kooky touches.

There were little touches of modern design in the room that cheers up the room instantly. We had two huge beanbags to lounge in, cute bins and nice lights… if you like that kind of thing.

The toilet serves its purpose since I don’t spend like hours on the toilet bowl reading newspaper or crouched on the basin with a long make up procedural.

The good things about First House:

  • I love the prime location as it is merely 10 minutes away from Platinum, Shibuya mall and Central World. I can easily head back to drop off my packages if I want to mid afternoon.
  •  The number of eats around the location. Further down the lane, there was a fantastic pork trotter rice stall. Coincidentally, my friend recommended this stall as well.

  • There’s a 7/11 further down the lane and a family super mart too. Every morning, there is this uncle selling drinks as well. I was pretty amazed because he has this huge vat of steaming milk that he uses to make drinks. Once the vat is gone, he’s gone as well. Every evening, there are a variety of street hawkers. During my short four day stay, I had fried chicken wings, salt grilled fish, crepes and probably 10 000 other things.
  • The price was good as well. we paid about $85/night for our room which can sleep three. The hotel has various online promotions as well if you book via their hotel. Our stay came with free breakfast which was nothing to shout about – wanton mee for breakfast anytime!
  • Working facilities and clean rooms! I love the parquet flooring which was speckless throughout our stay – no flies or lizards or cockroaches. The shower was equipped with hot/cold water and the air con at night was cold.

The bad

  • Everyone is required to pay a 1,000 baht deposit for the kooky stuff they have in their room which you will get back at the end of the stay. I think this is okay though.
  • The rooms are provided with glass bottles of water which you can’t bring out. The water tasted a tad salty to me as well.
  • Each room was provided with one wireless password which you can connect to only one device. I felt rather cheated at their promise of free wireless. Additional passwords can be purchased but I remember it as being expensive – like $8/day kind of thing.

Would I head back to stay? Definitely yes! I think the good things outweighed the bad definitely and the bad stuff, I can live with it any day although I might grouse a little.


I was working with an events company doing children parties during my undergrad years and I’ve come across some pretty cakes which I thought would make a quick and fun post.

Please pardon the lousy quality – they were taken a while ago which i don’t even know which phone camera I was using…

It’s entirely edible..

A castle

An angel theme

The centre piece

Surrounded by smaller cupcakes

Cars were still popular then

As mentioned above

What’s a birthday without presents?

That are all edible!

A standing Bumblebee