Blackbird cafe

Having brunch have always been a luxury. I remember during my Jitterbugs days, for a year, I woke up every morning on Sunday without fail at 8.30am to get to 10am techniques class. It was very very painful. I think sleeping is an acquired skill. At times, I find myself waking up at 5pm.

Anyway, my friend and I headed to The Blackbird Cafe for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. There wasn’t really nothing to shout about and I doubt I will be going back there. No pictures of the interior again, the cafe was packed.

The blackboard that houses The Blackbird’s food

Very small brunch menu

I had the eggs benedict (as always) and the taste was very different. I prefer my hollandaise sauce to have a runnier texture as compared to the cafe’s thicker, sauce that coalesced together. Also, the hollandaise sauce erred on the sour side and I felt that it didn’t really go well with the muffins. The mixed greens sauce was soury as well – which made the entire dish rather sour. I’m definitely not a veggies for breakfast person – any other time of the day, bring it on.

They call it Eggs Benny – $12

My friend had Nana’s Omelette which she said was the gooey, runny egg texture that she liked.

Nana’s omelette

I thought that Nana’s Omelette was somewhat a rip off as well because I could have cooked the entire dish at home for less than $5. But, I must commend that baked beans, it was not canned baked beans as I expected. The sauce was of a thicker consistency than that of the canned series.

Service was prompt, ice water was served but there were no spoons offered. Which made me wonder… How am I supposed to eat the gooey eggs then?

Overall, I felt that the portions were small and they do not offer sides which I think is essential to fill up one’s stomach. I guess that’s what comes with the price. I would head to Epicurious anyday really because for a couple more dollars I get something that really fills me up.


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