Staying in campus – Hall life for freshmen

A few younger readers have asked my opinion on whether they should stay in residential halls during their university days so I thought I would write a quick piece on this. Writing this based off the NUS perspective.  In NUS, there are six halls – each with their own strengths and personas of course. FYI, I stayed in Raffles Hall for three years.

1. Are your parents willing to pay or do you have enough money to pay? (Costs based on 2012 rates!)

I think the most important factor that comes into play is the money issue. Firstly, hall stay is not cheap. The hostel rates in NUS are flat across the entire campus. Check out the NUS’s Office of Student Affairs website for the rates.  A single room will cost $3.5k while a double room, $2.45k just based on rental alone, per academic year.

On top of that, there is still a compulsory meal plan for the six residential halls at about $800 approx per academic year. Every semester, there is a $25 approx electricity charge — approx $50 a year. I used to keep a fridge — $60 per sem, $120 per year.

So for a single room in an academic year: rental, meal plan, electricity charge, fridge will cost you: $4370 per academic year.

For a double room, it will cost $3420.

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