Hong Kong Day 3: Stanley Market

Hong Kong Day 3: Part two

As usual: Bad resolution photos are mine. Good and lomo photos are from my talented friend, Roger Yeo. Check out his Facebook for more photos, he does photo shoots. Some other  photos are from Shu En’s Olympus Pen. If you’re interested to know whose who’s, drop a comment.

We were supposed to head to Zhu Hai/Shen Zhen as planned initially but we decided to ditch it because the ferry tickets were very expensive and it wasn’t like any of us wants to gamble. So we decided to be touristy (again) and with the power of Google, we settled on Stanley Market.

It’s the sort of beach town where expats stay in. We saw a lot of maids walking dogs there – which really explained how rich these people are because we all know how expensive it is to have a maid in Hong Kong.

Proving my point

There wasn’t much to buy but I think it’s a nice place to have a drink and chill out. We could afford only McDonald’s there though. But… the McDonald’s had WiFi!

It was a very long bus ride out to Stanley Market

When you alight at the bus stop

Pointing us

We made a pit stop at Guardian and when we were about to leave, we saw this lady with insect bites all over her legs. It was such a funny sight, whereby all of us stopped, jaws dropped and horrified. We bought a bottle of insect repellent and started slathering ourselves liberally.

Anti-mozzying ourselves

We walked through the market

Which sold very touristy tees at rip-off prices

After walking and looking at touristy rip-offs, we came to the boardwalk area.

Seaside boardwalk

Which had a lot of alfresco dining options behind us

It was the perfect setting for pretty pictures

I was shameless and I forced them into this picture

After camwhoring and Macdees, we took the long bus ride back and there weather took a change. There was the typhoon alert that night which built up to Typhoon no. 8 the next day.

Ominous clouds

We headed for a tad of shopping at the Sneaker Street – sorry no pictures and dabao-ed dinner back to the apartment.

Our dinner

Happy family picture – Warm, cosy but dirty

2. Stanley Market

From Central MTR, take bus 6, 6A, 6X or 260 from the bus terminal. It’s a long winding road trip, about 1 hour.


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