Hong Kong food: Breakfast and roast meats

Hong Kong Day 4

As usual: Bad resolution photos are mine. Good and lomo photos are from my talented friend, Roger Yeo. Check out his Facebook for more photos, he does photo shoots. Some other  photos are from Shu En’s Olympus Pen. If you’re interested to know whose who’s, drop a comment.

Day 4: Random brekkie, Citygate outlets, more shopping at New Town Mall

Working hard before each meal

While the breakfast noodles may have looked very plain but the breakfast noodles are usually the best part of the breakfasts I have in Hong Kong.

Some random tea house that we walked into


On our way back to Mongkok, before the girls head off to New Town Mall, we went for a roast meats dinner. Apparently this chain of restaurants were famed for their roast meats. The roasted goose is a must try! The meat was succulent with perfect bits of melt-in-your-mouth fats.

Roast meats for dinner

Shu En and I headed back to the apartment first with the intention to drop our bags off. But this ditzy girl, at the door step, said that, “I forgot I don’t have the keys with me!!” I was like  -_-”

We were left stranded outside our apartment waiting for the boys to come and rescue us with keys.



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