Ardent’s Cafe

Ardent’s Cafe is a themed cafe/bar at 80 Neil Road. They serve lunch, brunch on weekends, coffee and also alcohol at night. The outside is decked out in garden accessories, I think it’s vaguely Greek. The inside is more luxuriant European.

Sneak peak of the inside cafe

Shu En was very excited to camwhore outside but alas, it was drizzling when we were there. Roger braved the rain for these photos.

The outside


Six pecs please and also, check out the rain.

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Favourite Gmarket/ Qoo10 links

And so… I’ve been asked to share some Gmarket/ Qoo10 links that I’ve bought from previously so here they are.

Each Gmarket listing is typically a “store” with many listings that change prices from time to time according to discounts. I would suggest checking out the “store” to check out which listing is the cheapest because most of these listings are duplicates. However, some pricier items may not be listed on the discounted price listings.

1. Dance harem pants: Tomatoma

2. Wide selection of tops including some familiar UK pieces: Starblink

3. Korean tops and bottoms: Bebuying

4. Korean bags and lots of lingerie: Nana Beauty Shop

5. Lingerie and Body shapers: Great buy deals

Grin Affair

Quick post on these jar cakes that I got from Grin Affair which was a short 10 minute bus ride away from my workplace. Dropped by it one day when I got off work early.

Pretty packaging

But the jars were quite small


I was keen to give it a try having heard raves about how good the cakes were from different blogs. Perhaps those good reviews set the bar up high and raised my expectations, I wasn’t wow-ed by the cakes. It was good for a novelty taste and I do like the the cakes were packaged. However, taste wise nothing special to me. Perhaps, also, I like my cakes firm, to hold some form of structure. I would give it a first try, a second try, probably not.

New exercise options

I’m doing an average of five hours of dance per week and I’m thinking of supplementing my exercise schedule with something that will aid in strengthening my core. This something has got to be affordable, something I like enough to keep me focused and disciplined to keep going and near enough so that I don’t feel cranky travelling.

I’m thinking of:

1. Yoga classes
2. Swimming
3. Pole acrobatics/fitness
4. Circus/Aerial
5. Aqua Aerobics

Will add on if I think of more.

My BB creams stash

If you still have no idea of what BB creams here, I don’t know what planet you might have been on. BB creams are all the rage now. This good blog entry explains very clearly what BB creams here.

I jumped on the BB Cream wagon sometime early this year. Previously, I was using just Foundation alone and I felt that it was too thick for daily coverage. I was getting a lot of small little pimple bumps that aren’t pimples and were super hard to get rid off. My skin seldom needed the thicker coverage foundation provided as well, so I thought, perhaps BB cream will be the answer.

Since I was a newbie at this, I thought I would try different BB creams to see which suit me best. Some of the BB creams were gifted to me (I am a blessed child, thank you) and some I bought them myself.

From left to Right: Missha Perfect Cover, Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB cream, Bio-essence Bio-Multi Effect and Maybelline Clear Smooth

My favourite for everyday wear would definitely be the Maybelline Clear Smooth because it was long lasting and had good oil control. I liked the Jasmine Water as well because it gave me very dewy complexion. Missha and the Bio essence are good for heavier coverage days – I like to layer on foundation on top because both are a little too fair for me. Missha definitely lives up to its name – Perfect coverage indeed.

I’m a lazy bum when it comes to make up removal so for a while, I battled with complete make up removal. I was so tired after dance most of the times I would remove my make up haphazardly. This is a BIG no-no if you don’t want black heads. BB creams clog your pores very easily if you do not remove them entirely.

Remember kids – remove your make up entirely or suffer a strawberry nose!

Sewing #3

I travel around the region alot and I never fail to go shopping each time. I think when you’re on vacation, you tend to be easier on your pockets and expenses, hence, you tend to buy more clothes which may not fit you perfectly. I find that whenever I purchase clothing made in China, I feel uncomfortable and fidgety (as if I’m not fidgety enough) if the arm holes are too small.

So when the top irritates you, you take a scissors on it. I snipped the arm holes bigger and sewed them down.

Don’t be afraid to alter your clothes and make simple adjustments to them so you feel good wearing. At times, I don’t wear a particular item because I feel uneasy in them as well. So be brave and courageous, try altering them to fit you better. If you’re scared, ask for help. An older female relative will usually be of help. My grandmomma helped me out on this top.

This was after snipping and stitching, stitches were hardly noticeable.

This was how it looked like on one side

The other side

How the stitches look like on the inside Favourite Candy Swap September 2

Here’s the final swap package that I received from the Favourite Candy Swap September 2:

It was a pretty big package

It was supposed to be merely USD2 but my swap partner definitely spent more than that. Or I guess it could be candies are really cheap in USA. My swap partner was really kind to include a card, a small butterfly charm and a pen with the package. She kinda inspire me to want to do more for my future swaps – to include the additional layer of “thought” into my packages.

The second package from the swap

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Hong Kong Vlog

Hello guys,

For those looking for my blog posts on Hong Kong, such as tourist maps, itinerary and places to visit: CLICK HERE

Here’s our video logs for the Hong Kong trip. It’s really entertaining so do have a watch. For those intending to rent the apartment via AirBnB, check out part 2 of the vlog where we show you around the apartment.

Restaurant Week: The Tastings Room

Restaurant Week happens usually twice a year in March and October. The more expensive restaurants offer 3-course lunches/dinners at a more affordable price. I usually don’t wine and dine like this but Restaurant Week is a perfect excuse to indulge. We went to The Tastings Room at Marina Square.

Was the meal good? Hmm, not fantastic but the company was good. It was such a good weekend for me because it was filled with people I love, and food.. that was better than my usual fare I suppose. I promised myself after the concert, I would hang out with my friends more, out of dance classes, out of dance wear. It was so good to chat over a meal.

Here’s a photo log of our night. Photos graciously taken by my friend Roger again. He’s soon becoming the in-house blog photographer.

Our Restaurant week adventure started here

The restaurant was very dimly lighted

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Barossa at Esplanade

Barossa at Esplanade is having an Oktoberfest promotion. Archipelago beers are refilled for free with every bell ring if the glass is empty. My friends enjoed about 3-4 refills when we were there from10.30pm to 1am. Very good deal and place to chill with friends especially if your friends are beer fans.

Imagine.. paying one glass and you get three glasses free.

The happy people

Nope, not drunk.