Swap-bot.com: Salty and Sweet Swap

As mentioned in my previous entry, Swap Bot is this new virtual community that I am active on. My second swap was the Salty and Sweet Swap where you spend USD5 to send one salty and one sweet item to your partner. I think its pretty hard to spend USD5 only on two items so I guessed most people sent a few items. I did send a few items in my package as well.

The items could be:

Salty: chips/ popcorn/ biscuits

Sweet: candy/chocolate

This is what I’ve gotten from the swap:

Package from USA

I’m totally okay with dark chocolate but not a fan of them all the times so this round, I gave out my dark chocolates to my colleagues and my dad who are fans of dark chocolates. My dad enjoyed the dark chocolate with Chilli immensely and asked me to look for them in Singapore. To be honest, haven’t seen Chocolate Chilli/ Chilli Chocolate anywhere. Maybe I’ll bring him to Cafe Oriole for Coffee Chilli some day.

Will update this post along the way when I open the peanuts.

Also, thank you all for the constructive feedback that I received! I’m really encouraged by the positive feedback and will try to continue to churn out better & more interesting content.


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