My second attempt at sewing

I had this favourite dusty pink top that I got from Bangkok in March. It used to look like this:

Beautiful bouquet didn’t belong to me

I loved the collar pins

That was until that night, I forgot to remind my maid that the top could not be washed in the washing machines. She dumped it in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry and they broke in the wash. Rest in peace, my favourite collar pins.

I stumbled into a crafts shop a few streets away from my work place and I found some collar pins that work perfect for the blouse.

Here’s the top in its entirety!

A closer look into the pins

An even closer look

I was trying to find something that resembles closer to the previous design that I had but it was super hard to track down the design. I got these pins in packs of 4 little squares for $1.50. I got two packs since I was intending to sew three on a side. These are quite affordable and it took me about 30 minutes to sew them on. The pattern wasn’t as pretty as the previous designs but I think it still looks decent enough!

P.S. Photos taken at home with a real camera instead of my phone camera.

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