My first poached egg

I’m a total disaster in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. My mum always says that my hands are like my legs and my legs are like my hands, which is such an illogical analogy because I’m supposed to be good at coordination of the limbs. But man, anything that can be spilled will somehow be spilled.

While as much as I suck at cooking, I seem to double the skills (the good way) in baking. So hey, at least I can do something in the kitchen.

So back to cooking – I love poached eggs and on a fine Sunday morning when I was craving for it, I decided to Google online for a easy recipe. Here’s the recipe that I used. It’s really easy, my egg yolk didn’t break. Adding vinegar definitely helped to coalesce the whites around the egg yolk. If it works for me, I’m sure it will work for anybody else.

That saying, that’s how miserable I am in the kitchen. Time to up my domesticity if not I’ll really be a sad cat lady you read about in he papers.

My first poached egg


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