Sewing #3

I travel around the region alot and I never fail to go shopping each time. I think when you’re on vacation, you tend to be easier on your pockets and expenses, hence, you tend to buy more clothes which may not fit you perfectly. I find that whenever I purchase clothing made in China, I feel uncomfortable and fidgety (as if I’m not fidgety enough) if the arm holes are too small.

So when the top irritates you, you take a scissors on it. I snipped the arm holes bigger and sewed them down.

Don’t be afraid to alter your clothes and make simple adjustments to them so you feel good wearing. At times, I don’t wear a particular item because I feel uneasy in them as well. So be brave and courageous, try altering them to fit you better. If you’re scared, ask for help. An older female relative will usually be of help. My grandmomma helped me out on this top.

This was after snipping and stitching, stitches were hardly noticeable.

This was how it looked like on one side

The other side

How the stitches look like on the inside

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