Ardent’s Cafe

Ardent’s Cafe is a themed cafe/bar at 80 Neil Road. They serve lunch, brunch on weekends, coffee and also alcohol at night. The outside is decked out in garden accessories, I think it’s vaguely Greek. The inside is more luxuriant European.

Sneak peak of the inside cafe

Shu En was very excited to camwhore outside but alas, it was drizzling when we were there. Roger braved the rain for these photos.

The outside


Six pecs please and also, check out the rain.

This kinda remind me of Design & Technology classes, how you have to portray a subject in three views

Tables perfect for a dance in the park

Another pretty tabling details

A swing good for picture perfect moments

I like this picture better

The inside of the cafe is more decadently decorated with a European theme

Like I said, drinks

We were there at two-ish so we had coffees and dessert

Cover photo worthy of a menu

There was a fireplace

It was so Christmassy

Mocha latte

Of course I couldn’t resist a camwhore moment

I believe this is chocolate lava cake with ice cream

Appropriately named

If you’re interested to check it out:

Ardent’s Cafe Bar
80 Neil Road
Singapore 088842
Tel: 6325 7077
Fax: 6220 4144
Mon ā€“ Fri: 11am to 12am
Sat ā€“ Sun: 10am to 12am

P.S. My friend Roger does photo shoots so check out his portfolio!


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