Dancers are actors

I remember vividly, a choreographer of mine said that all dancers are actors but not all actors are dancers. A lot of times, a dance item is set in a particular scene, where you have to act out the character. Most of these items are with my dance items with Raffles Hall because the items tend to lean more on the entertainment value side.

I’ve had some crazy costumes and the best ones are those from rag I swear. I wear rags (literally) but I still feel like a star!

In year 2010 for rag, I was a scientist from the past. This costume was super duper hot, I think I lost 1kg from all the sweat but it was the best costume ever. My vest was made from haversack, the eyelet hooks were from tin cans and the ruffles were from some table cloth. My little tool bag had cool handmade tools such as a compass and ruler.

Of course, no Nike then.

Year 2010

I was the star of the show – a scientist

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What’s in my bag?

I love a tough and hardy bag that lasts me for ages because I cart so much stuff around daily. My grandma gets so annoyed with me because me, being so muddle-headed always leave something behind.

I admit I’m somewhat of a geek. I need my Glee and my books with me all the time!

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, my “What’s in my bag” post:

What’s in my bag

Top row:

1. My wallet, a 21st birthday gift form my JC mates from Kate Spade.
2. My handy trustworthy brolly because my office is a 10-minute non-sheltered walk from any MRT station and the walk home is non-sheltered as well.

Second row:

3. My leopard foot thongs (No funny jokes please colleagues) for jazz/street jazz classes.
4. My name card case, a present from my office’s Secret Santa last year.
5. My iPhone baby
6. A ballpoint pen for useful situations

Third row:

7. My Kindle for easy curating of books I’m currently reading. I devour books so fast I used to drive my parents mad when I pack five books for a five day trip. Of course, I finished reading them all.
8. Samsung Tab (24GB memory in total) for the TV shows and movies I’m watching.
9. My YOG lanyard (a gift from my big boss during my internship with YOG) of keys and iBank device.
10. My YOG lanyard (also a gift) for thumb drive in case I need it for documents transfer at meetings.
11. A bottle for dance classes. I keep losing water bottles and forgetting to bring them out in the first place, I just gave up on the permanent ones.
12. My make up kit which is not captured because I left them in office

Food and sights of Malacca

Did up a quick to see/to eat list for Malacca so posting it here for easy reference if you’re heading out there.

Things to eat

1. Chicken rice balls at Chop Chung Wah
Kedai Chop Chung Wah, 18 Jalan Hang Jebat,75200 Melaka.
Daily: 8.30am-3.00pm/4.00pm

This fast disappearing hawker dish was picnic food for the Hainanese  in the past, packing rice into balls made them convenient to hold and eat.

2. Nancy’s Kitchen
7 Jalan Hang Lekir, Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Meleka
Open: 11am – 530pm
11am – 930pm (PH), closed on Tuesdays

Try: Babi Ponteh (braised pork with fermented soya bean) and Assam Babi, which is pork in tamarind sauce

3. Mods Café
14 Jalan Tokong, Melaka 75200, Malaysia
Open 10am – 6pm (closed Wed)

Retro themed café that restored a Volkswagen Classic Bus to use as their coffee station, check out their beer wall that contains beer cans from around the world.

Things to see

1. Baba Nyonya Heritage Musuem
48-50 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka 75200, Malaysia
Visiting hours: 10 am to 12:30 pm, 2 pm to 4:30 pm
Admission charges: RM8.00 for Adults, RM4.00 for children (5-12 years old)

2. Take a walk down Jonker Street
Purchase local snacks in the bakeries located along the street or grab a cheap beer. On weekend nights, the entire street is closed and it’s turned into a night market.

Purchase local produce:
San Shu Gong Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Address: 33 Lorong Hang Jebat (Jonker Street) 75200.
Open 10am – 10pm

For a beer:
Geographer’s Cafe
83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Open: 10am – 1am

3. Check out the shopping malls: Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. Both houses international brands that go on sales during the year end. There is an A&W in Dataran Pahlawan! The sales in Espirit at Dataran is usually good.
Address:  Jalan Merdeka 75000 Bandar Hilir.

Internship applications

I interact with a lot of tertiary juniors and more often than not, they ask me how do I get an internship at PR agencies? This is a more in depth entry on finding an internship opportunity.

1. Networking

Most tertiary institute’s departments will have some sort of Facebook group created that will have alumni, students and staff. These are the best groups to seek internship opportunities I think. Alumni often posts available opportunities at their agencies and they are the best way to get your resumes sent to the direct HR personnel.

If you are in an interest group in your school, e.g. like I am in NUS Dance Blast!, speak to seniors whom you know share the same major. They will be able to connect you to HR as well.

2. LinkedIn 

Many companies now turn to LinkedIn as a form of headhunting. Even if you are a student, this doesn’t give you any reason to have a shabbily filled profile. Instead, take the time to write well and succinctly. While I haven’t seen any posts for internships, LinkedIn allows you to see the person posting job opportunities. These are the people you should interact with directly.

There is NO need to include every single job you have done such as waiting at a restaurant/ being a tutor/ events assistant in your LinkedIn profile.

3. Cold searches

Not a lot of PR agencies post their internship opportunities on jobs portals. It’s best to do a cold search for PR agencies with offices in Singapore, check out their jobs listings page.

When all things fail, send a cold email introducing yourself with an appropriate subject.

Create collections for Kindle on computers

I have on average 150 books in my Kindle at any point of time and it can get pretty annoying to click through the pages to find a book. Image clicking through 15 pages to find a book. More ever, my Kindle is the version without a keyboard which makes it even harder to type and search for books.

I tried googling ‘Create collections Kindle on computers” for the longest time but I couldn’t find a satisfactory solution.

On my last attempt, I’m really glad to have found The Kindle Collection Manager, a simple to use computer application that allows you to create collections on your computer. This application uses an easy drag and drop method that all computer users are familiar with. However, to see the collections, you need to do a “soft restart” which can get pretty annoying at times. Then again, I will rather get annoyed and see my books nicely organised than to have to sift through pages and have them sitting ugly, unorganised.

Hooray for a new Kindle organisation solution.

Red Inn Penang

And so… I headed to Penang for a 4D3N eating fest and it was good! My travel companions and I don’t have a lot of cash to spare (as always) and since Penang has such bustling, hipster backpacker crowd, we decided to rough it out and stay in a backpacker’s hostel. In all honesty, it was a good, value for money experience.

I did my booking via It’s quite simple and fuss-free so give it a try!

We stayed in Love Lane in Georgetown. That’s where all the backpacker’s hostels are. The prices of the hostels are largely similar with some ultra low priced ones. These are usually the ones that are more run down than the rest. There are also the higher end flashpackers (flashpackers are backpackers with higher disposable income) hostels which are one grade up from backpacking hostels but not quite there yet as hotels. I think the flashpacking ones are the best because you stay in nice, character-ful places which are as clean (or even cleaner) than hotels in Penang.

Okay, back to our hostel. It’s situated at 55 Love Lane which I originally thought would have been some seedy, red light district in Georgetown but it’s named for its old time’s sake as with a lot of streets in Georgetown. some say it’s named after a British official called Love, others say Love Lane is where all the old-time brothels used to be situated.

We stayed at Red Inn Penang in a three bed dorm. There’s a couple of other hostels owned by this Red Inn chain called Red Inn Heritage and Red Inn Cabana.

Photos courtesy of Roger Leong. Look him up if you want shoots done! Welcome to a virtual tour of Red Inn Penang.

My thoughts of the hostel at the end of this post.

Our hostel is next to Reggae Penang

It is sandwiched between Reggae Penang and Old Penang Guesthoyse

Red Inn Penang, 55 Lorong Love

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Swap: 1 person, 1 country chocolate swap

When I saw the 1 person 1 country chocolate swap, I simply couldn’t resist! Basically, you send chocolates available in your country worth USD4 to someone else. This swap is moderated such that there is only one swapper from each country so that you wouldn’t receive the stuff you normally can get in your country!

My swapper was sweet (what a pun), she included a nice note in the package.

Curious cat

Chocolates came in a box so that they were not broken or crushed.

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Tastings Room

Quick quick post!

The last time I headed to Tastings Room for brunch was before the revamp of menu. After the revamp, the prices went up and the food was better! I had the Eggs Royale (as always) and instead of smoked salmon, I had salmon tartare and it was… heavenly.

Before the revamp, this was Eggs Royale with smoked salmon

Eggs Royale with salmon tartare

A closer look

Although the dish looks more yucky and unappetizing, it was really really good! My dining companion actually went, “Are you serious? This is what they’re serving us?”

In the end, she cleaned the plate out.