I buy 8 Days every week. Contrary to what my manager thinks (he thinks I look at the Shirtless Guy of the week – well, that too but not really), I like to check out the new and noted eateries. Although, I do find it annoying that a lot of the listings get repeated in the consecutive issue but there are usually some new gems nearby.

What to do, I’m a sucker for good copy and cliche stories.

So one of the places that has been popping up was Poulet at Bugis+ (the old iluma). It’s a French inspired rotisserie that is not pricy at all! Neither are the servings tiny! When I think of French food, two key words come to my mind, “small” and “expensive.” Glad to say that Poulet is not one of those places and I’ll definitely head back there again.

I have a fail but readable picture of Poulet’s menu if anyone is interested here. I tried looking for an online menu but I couldn’t.

Poulet is on level five of Bugis+

With an open concept kitchen

Two halves of the menu make up an Eiffel Tower

Amazing French roast

Half a roast chicken sitting in a bed of mushroom chardonnay sauce

They call it a Rosti I believe – $15.80 half/28.80 whole

The chicken was tender and moist but not the star dish of the meal!

Good mushroom soup with bits of chunky mushroom and croutons – $5.80! I hate restaurants that serve the Campbell type of soup.

Star dish of the night

Sauteed wild mushrooms – $7.80

Starting to saw the chicken apart into bite sizes. This is the start of the process.

Second picture

Slowly but surely…

Almost there…

Successful de-boning. I am a great dining partner for roast chickens

Potato gratin with sweet corn – $4.80

The corn added sweetness to the potato – a perfect match

Since Poulet brands itself as “Amazing French Roast Chicken”, I would have thought the chicken would be their star dish. From the few sides and appetizers that I had, I feel that the roast chicken blended into the background while the other dishes shone. The sauteed mushrooms really did the trick. Usually, sauteed mushrooms come as a side of a main dish and is  typically neglected. There was good attention paid to the mushrooms at Poulet and it was amazing.

My friend and I said that we’ll skip the chicken next time and order one mushroom side each. The total damage added up to: $34.20 for two persons (One main and three sides) w/o service and tax. We were so full from our meal!

Break down
Half a Rosti: 15.80
Mushroom soup: 5.80
Potato gratin: 4.80
Sauteed mushrooms: 7.80

If you’re interested to visit:
Level 4, Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-10pm

Signing off,

Here’s a cute chicken


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