An outing with the parental units

I give thanks everyday that I am able to live in a nice home comfortably.

My life now wouldn’t be possible without my grandpa who passed on when I was 12. He suffered a heart attack on his flight back to Singapore from China. He founded our family construction business and my parents continue the legacy today. Being your own boss often means that Sundays are just like Mondays – if you don’t do a certain task, no one else will do it for you.

On an occasion, my dad had to check on a work site in the northern part of SG after Sunday lunch. Have you ever wondered about the grass you see on the pavements? Do you know that even grass have to be planted at construction sites? Grass don’t simply grow, they have to be planted by workers.

The whole point of this entry is to actually show you that although, yes, I love cats but I like dogs a lot too! There were a family of dogs living on the work site.

Nothing but sand and dirt at the moment

Stray dogs roam the work sites

That’s me looking retarded

Puppy’s pretty small

Had a chat with the Mummy

The legacy


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