Create collections for Kindle on computers

I have on average 150 books in my Kindle at any point of time and it can get pretty annoying to click through the pages to find a book. Image clicking through 15 pages to find a book. More ever, my Kindle is the version without a keyboard which makes it even harder to type and search for books.

I tried googling ‘Create collections Kindle on computers” for the longest time but I couldn’t find a satisfactory solution.

On my last attempt, I’m really glad to have found The Kindle Collection Manager, a simple to use computer application that allows you to create collections on your computer. This application uses an easy drag and drop method that all computer users are familiar with. However, to see the collections, you need to do a “soft restart” which can get pretty annoying at times. Then again, I will rather get annoyed and see my books nicely organised than to have to sift through pages and have them sitting ugly, unorganised.

Hooray for a new Kindle organisation solution.


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