Internship applications

I interact with a lot of tertiary juniors and more often than not, they ask me how do I get an internship at PR agencies? This is a more in depth entry on finding an internship opportunity.

1. Networking

Most tertiary institute’s departments will have some sort of Facebook group created that will have alumni, students and staff. These are the best groups to seek internship opportunities I think. Alumni often posts available opportunities at their agencies and they are the best way to get your resumes sent to the direct HR personnel.

If you are in an interest group in your school, e.g. like I am in NUS Dance Blast!, speak to seniors whom you know share the same major. They will be able to connect you to HR as well.

2. LinkedIn 

Many companies now turn to LinkedIn as a form of headhunting. Even if you are a student, this doesn’t give you any reason to have a shabbily filled profile. Instead, take the time to write well and succinctly. While I haven’t seen any posts for internships, LinkedIn allows you to see the person posting job opportunities. These are the people you should interact with directly.

There is NO need to include every single job you have done such as waiting at a restaurant/ being a tutor/ events assistant in your LinkedIn profile.

3. Cold searches

Not a lot of PR agencies post their internship opportunities on jobs portals. It’s best to do a cold search for PR agencies with offices in Singapore, check out their jobs listings page.

When all things fail, send a cold email introducing yourself with an appropriate subject.


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