Weddings of 2012

2012 marks the first of (many to come) weddings. What I mean is, I attended my first “friends” wedding in 2012. Oh actually, screw that, I just remembered I’ve been to two other weddings before (one of a secondary school friend and a colleague’s last year). But somehow weddings this year seemed a little more grand and heartwarming to me.

I think it’s also because I’m more in tuned and more in touch, closer to the people whose weddings I attended. I also just had to squeeze my way in between the wedded couples for snaps.

Jocelyn and Desmond

Yong Kai and Michelle

Michelle and Yong Kai are both my dance friends from NUS Dance Blast! and I’ve danced with both of them in different items for countless times. It was the first Blast wedding I attended and it was so much fun because it was like Blast prom for us. We went trigger happy, it isn’t often that we’re togged in nice clothes and make up that isn’t meant for stage.

Normal picture

Show faces!

The second wedding was Jocelyn’s and Desmond’s wedding. I met Jocelyn when we were dancing at Jitterbugs. The funny coincidence was that, she stayed just in the next street from me! We make fast buddies traveling home together after late night rehearsals. I always look upon to Jocelyn for quick dance advice.

I had to tip toe

Happy family! Just nice we are colour coordinated

Penang food: Gurney Drive hawker centre

Gurney Drive hawker centre is quite big  but after walking around, you realise that there isn’t much varieties of food. They’re mostly repeated stalls selling the same kind of food.

The thing that annoys me about hawker centres in Malaysia is that specific tables are “claimed” by drinks stalls. Hence, the moment you sit down, they’ll be around you like flies until you order a drink. So if you’re sitting at a table near a drink stall selling juices, you gotta buy a juice instead of that Teh peng you are craving.

Also, could hardly find a decent dish of vegetables around although tow gay (beansprouts) were used in plenty of dishes.

Price wise, its about 5RM per dish which is slightly cheaper than Singapore’s prices. We had the best char kway teow in Penang at Gurney Drive.

Gurney Drive hawker centre is al fresco

Pick the seafood that you want

Poh piah or kueh pie tee

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Good buys: Name card case

I’m a fan of online shopping because it means that I don’t have to head out to the shopping centres and squeeze with the crowd. With Internet banking, it has become really easy to buy goods online.

I chanced upon this mini briefcase which makes a perfect name card case. What a perfect conversation starter too! However, I don’t think the buckles will last very long. This cost S$10.90 with free normal postage. I think this will make a good gift as well.

I got this from This is available in five colours: Red, blue, black, silver and gold.

Pretty colour

Pop the buckles to open

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Penang sight: Coffee Tree

Auntie Kua (Shu’s mama) asked her to get some coffee for her and we trooped to Coffee Tree to purchase some coffee. Coffee Tree is pretty near to Gurney Drive hawker centre so you can walk over easily for dinner.

Coffee Tree produces their own coffees and teas to sell in sachets. I like it that they allow you to sample the different types of coffee they have and they’re not nasty about you trying the many types.

Coffee Tree

Coffee in flasks for sampling

These are some types that they have:

  1. Special Brew Black Coffee
  2. Tongkat Ali White Coffee
  3. Tongkat Ali Black Coffee
  4. Tiramisu Coffee
  5. Coconut White Coffee
  6. Coffee & Tea (Yuan Yang)
  7. Durian Coffee
  8. Espresso
  9. Mochacino
  10. Cappucinno
  11. Cafe Machiato
  12. Cafe Latte

My new part time job

The coffee are not cheap, it was RM30 for 15 sachets. I guess it’s an okay buy since you are not in Penang everyday. I got the Durian and Yuan Yang coffee.

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Penang sight: Lorong Kulit flea market

Lesson learnt in Penang: Google Maps cannot be transposed onto Penang streets.

Google Maps told us that the walk from De Tai Tong Cafe to a flea market, Lorong Kulit, was pretty short but it was not true! I learnt that Google Maps cannot be trusted when it tells you that its a 15 minutes walk when in reality, its more like a 45 minutes walk. The people testing Google Maps must have:

1. Very long legs
2. Super fast walking speed
3. Been rollerblading/cycling

After half an hour of walking, we decided to call it quits and hopped on a bus. If you intend to go Lorong Kulit flea market, please do hop on a bus to ask for directions.

Lorong Kulit is the Thieves market of Penang. The vendors peddle all sorts of weird stuff ranging from antiques, slippers, electronics to even pets. It’s like a pasar malam me thinks. You never know what you might find.

Lorong Kulit flea market

Lay a mat, prop an umbrella and you’re ready to peddle

A motorist take a ride through the stalls

Little bunny

If your’re looking to go:

Lorong Kulit, George Town, Penang 10460, Malaysia
Check out this map here or Foursquare.

My summer in 2010

Happened to pass by this place today…

1 Kay Siang Road

Which brought back a lot of warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy.

Singapore 2010

Most blessed to be able to spend my summer working for the Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG). I was attached to the Opening & Closing Ceremonies department to manage media requests.

I had such an amazeballs amazing time working for YOG. Much of my four months were spent working at the Floating Platform, looking over the Marina Bay and seeing how large scale rehearsals work. The Ceremonies were managed by SAF Sixth Division and it was indeed, an eye-opening experience working with army regulars and NSFs.

It was my first time doing PR in house which is very different from working on the agency side. I couldn’t have done this without my dearest partner in crime. Both of us, fellow interns, jumped into the deep sea and somehow, we managed to paddle and stay afloat with a lot of hard work and coffee.

Part of my job was to write for the YOG blog to provide readers with some behind-the-scenes insights on the Ceremonies. I felt like a rockstar because I had a photographer to take pictures of me!

Creds to Sebastian Tan.

My fellow partner in crime – At press con 2 I believe

Melodie Tan and I

Since YOG is about youths, most of the performers were youths aged 35 and below. A nine-piece girl band, YOGhurt was formed for the Ceremonies. The costumes were inspired by cosplay. Melodie (as above) was part of the band. She’s a talented singer who’s pursuing Music for her degree now! How apt is her name right? If I name my baby swag, will she/he have a lot of swag?

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Penang food: De Tai Tong cafe

On the second day, we woke up bright and early to search for some good dim sum. As per researched, we found good reviews for De Tai Tong dim sum via Time Out and Trip Advisor.

It was okay, not that fantastic in my opinion. I will write about another recommended dim sum place later.

We set off early but we got hopelessly lost because I forgot to on the GPS function on my tablet (which we loaded Google Maps on).

De Tai Tong was one of those old school places with push carts where you can pick off the dim sum that you want. We were there about 10-11am so I guess there wasn’t much varieties left. Dim sum in Malaysia is generally cheaper and tastier than Singapore’s. I feel that they have more varieties. The dishes range from 1.60RM to 5RM.

It was a bright and sunny day when we got lost

Hopelessly trying to figure our way there

Two brains still not enough

I got a little bored

And we finally found the place

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Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

Quick tip: The next time you’re in Malaysia or Thailand, you might want to consider stocking up on the BB cream if you’re using this brand. It costs about 6-8SGD in Malaysia/Thailand instead of Singapore’s retail price of $16 approx.

You can get it at any Watson/Guardian outlet. Do check that the product is new and unopened.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream (first from right)

Penang food: Nellie’s at Red Garden

At Red Garden, we stumbled onto this little bakery. The bakery owner, Nellie, was very hospitable and urged us to try her cakes which were baked without any preservatives. We got the Russian cheesecake and it was indeed moist and buttery.

Worth a try if you’re in the area. I don’t remember it being expensive – probably about 6-7RM.

Nellie’s home made delights

Nellie and her cakes

Russian cheese cake

Red Garden
No. 20, Leith Street, 10000 Penang, Malaysia.

Penang food: Red Garden

For this Penang trip, my travel companions and I didn’t do much research on it. A lot of our itinerary were planned the night before using the Internet or via recommendations from Time Out (Penang) magazine that a colleague kindly loaned to me.

So on our first night, the hostel’s receptionist recommended Red Garden, a nearby hawker centre for our dinner. I think Red Garden was developed for the tourists staying around Georgetown. It was kind of like the Newton Circus for Georgetown. While we were there, we spied plenty of tourists and no locals. Price wise, I think it’s similarly priced to Singapore’s hawker fare, i.e., about SGD3-5 per dish. Taste wise, I guess it’s a little better than Singapore but in true honesty, I think its about the same.

Red Garden was about a 20 minutes walk away from Red Inn. I believe they have entertainment options as well – think seventh month getai. Address at the end of the entry.

Red Garden

The crowd at Red Garden 

Shu and I are glad to have our dinner

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