Table Manners

I’ve wanted to check out Table Manners for a while after reading in 8 Days that it’s a spin off from Bar Stories (which I haven’t been to as well.) Popped by for a quick, spontaneous check out of the place with my roomie on a weekday night.

I wanted to try the ala carte “vegetable rice” or “chup chai peng” menu that 8 Days wrote about but I was disappointed to find a different menu. For lunch, the ala carte options were not available. Nontheless, the food was good and am intending to head back to the place again.

Please pardon the bad resolution photos, didn’t have a camera with me that day. These are from my iPhone.

The centrepiece of the restaurant

The restaurant’s centrepiece was a very long communal table. Word is that since patrons sit relatively close to each other, they should display good table manners for everyone’s sake.

Miso salmon with mash – I think it’s about $18

It was cooked to the right “cookedness” or rather rawness. The salmon was still a little pink and went well with the sauce. The mash was top-grade.

My roomie had the ribeye that came with truffle fries about $18 also I think.

This is the lunch menu I was speaking of

These are the options

Lunch menu

Overall, the dishes were on the pricier side but definitely worth it. The mash has made my top list and is one of my favourite mash potato so far. They also serve about 15-20 cocktails that are segmented into flavours such as “sweet” and “sour”.

Quick tip: Table Manners is next to Izakaya Bar which serves $5 special cocktails, skewers and has a live band performing on weekday nights. I know right, how weird it’s not on weekends.

Hoping to head back again to take better pictures for the blog!

If you’re keen:

Table Manners
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Singapore 486038
Tel : 6604 7669


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