My summer in 2010

Happened to pass by this place today…

1 Kay Siang Road

Which brought back a lot of warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy.

Singapore 2010

Most blessed to be able to spend my summer working for the Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG). I was attached to the Opening & Closing Ceremonies department to manage media requests.

I had such an amazeballs amazing time working for YOG. Much of my four months were spent working at the Floating Platform, looking over the Marina Bay and seeing how large scale rehearsals work. The Ceremonies were managed by SAF Sixth Division and it was indeed, an eye-opening experience working with army regulars and NSFs.

It was my first time doing PR in house which is very different from working on the agency side. I couldn’t have done this without my dearest partner in crime. Both of us, fellow interns, jumped into the deep sea and somehow, we managed to paddle and stay afloat with a lot of hard work and coffee.

Part of my job was to write for the YOG blog to provide readers with some behind-the-scenes insights on the Ceremonies. I felt like a rockstar because I had a photographer to take pictures of me!

Creds to Sebastian Tan.

My fellow partner in crime – At press con 2 I believe

Melodie Tan and I

Since YOG is about youths, most of the performers were youths aged 35 and below. A nine-piece girl band, YOGhurt was formed for the Ceremonies. The costumes were inspired by cosplay. Melodie (as above) was part of the band. She’s a talented singer who’s pursuing Music for her degree now! How apt is her name right? If I name my baby swag, will she/he have a lot of swag?

Against the Marina cityscape

Maimed by the fire-shooting dragon

It was actually very ticklish between these straw

Which was the leg of this giant Monster


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