Penang sight: Lorong Kulit flea market

Lesson learnt in Penang: Google Maps cannot be transposed onto Penang streets.

Google Maps told us that the walk from De Tai Tong Cafe to a flea market, Lorong Kulit, was pretty short but it was not true! I learnt that Google Maps cannot be trusted when it tells you that its a 15 minutes walk when in reality, its more like a 45 minutes walk. The people testing Google Maps must have:

1. Very long legs
2. Super fast walking speed
3. Been rollerblading/cycling

After half an hour of walking, we decided to call it quits and hopped on a bus. If you intend to go Lorong Kulit flea market, please do hop on a bus to ask for directions.

Lorong Kulit is the Thieves market of Penang. The vendors peddle all sorts of weird stuff ranging from antiques, slippers, electronics to even pets. It’s like a pasar malam me thinks. You never know what you might find.

Lorong Kulit flea market

Lay a mat, prop an umbrella and you’re ready to peddle

A motorist take a ride through the stalls

Little bunny

If your’re looking to go:

Lorong Kulit, George Town, Penang 10460, Malaysia
Check out this map here or Foursquare.


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