Weddings of 2012

2012 marks the first of (many to come) weddings. What I mean is, I attended my first “friends” wedding in 2012. Oh actually, screw that, I just remembered I’ve been to two other weddings before (one of a secondary school friend and a colleague’s last year). But somehow weddings this year seemed a little more grand and heartwarming to me.

I think it’s also because I’m more in tuned and more in touch, closer to the people whose weddings I attended. I also just had to squeeze my way in between the wedded couples for snaps.

Jocelyn and Desmond

Yong Kai and Michelle

Michelle and Yong Kai are both my dance friends from NUS Dance Blast! and I’ve danced with both of them in different items for countless times. It was the first Blast wedding I attended and it was so much fun because it was like Blast prom for us. We went trigger happy, it isn’t often that we’re togged in nice clothes and make up that isn’t meant for stage.

Normal picture

Show faces!

The second wedding was Jocelyn’s and Desmond’s wedding. I met Jocelyn when we were dancing at Jitterbugs. The funny coincidence was that, she stayed just in the next street from me! We make fast buddies traveling home together after late night rehearsals. I always look upon to Jocelyn for quick dance advice.

I had to tip toe

Happy family! Just nice we are colour coordinated


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