Memories box

I have this little tupperware box full of notes, cards and random tokens that I collect to remind me of experiences that I love. I call this my little Memories Box. I used to be very scattered and like to chuck my things all over the place (especially in hall) so one fine day I decided to get organised and keep my memories in a box.

Once in a while, I like to take them out and be reminded of the beautiful times I’ve had.

Not very pretty but it serves its purpose

My frst ever item with NUS Dance Blast!

My driving lessons’ notebook

Took a torturous three years to pass my driving license and provided the school with a lot of income

Was pretty hopeless and so used to rote learning by my good memory, I used to recite my parking mantra

Lastly, a card gifted by my JC school mate five years ago after graduating from JC. Strangely, my features don’t seemed to have changed much.


Penang sight: Pinang Peranakan Mansion

We decided that we had to do some touristy things so we headed to Penang Peranakan Mansion. Word’s that The Little Nyonya filmed part of the show there. But then again, don’t they seemed to have film it at every other Peranakan location?

At the entrance with a bus load of tourists who arrived at the same time

The grand hall – you can pick up a free goreng pisang (fried banana fritters)

The roof window that provided the light for the courtyard

Just behind the courtyard

One of the sitting rooms

I think it was something yucky here

The furniture was perfect for our Vivi inspired photoshoots. Wrong clothes choice though

Taken with Shu’s Olympus Pen art setting

Antique television spied

Still in art mode – Shu looks so effortless heck care

I reckon this is one of the rooms of the teenage Nyonya

Just nice for the three of us – no shoes are allowed on the upper floors. I was kind of afraid someone will steal my new Hush Puppies.

Last shot of the mansion

In all honesty, don’t think I really picked up much facts about Nyonya and Babas beacuse we didn’t have a tour guide to explain the artefacts. I reckon you will gleam some interesting nuggets if you did the tour. This mansion was grander than the one I toured in Malacca, however, I think the Malacca museum retained more authentic flavour.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion
29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: Everyday (incl public holidays), 9am to 5pm.
Admission charges: Aged 6 and below free, Aged 7 and above RM10

P.S The website says videography and photography are not allowed but this doesn’t appear to be the case obviously!

So its been…

A good coming to 4 months after dancing in Shut Up And Dance 2012. I’m still very reluctant to remove the sequinned cloth I sewed on for the Beyonce item because it took me eight hours to sew it on. No joke.

That also means I’m one little black dress less.

Sasha Fierce

Lam’s Salt Baked Chicken

UPDATE 16 September 2013: Orchard Ion’s Food Republic has since been revamped. Try Marina Square or Parkway Parade.

If you’re at Parkway Parade or Orchard Ion, do try Lam’s Salt Baked Chicken stall at the food court. I chanced upon it once at Parkway Parade and it was a lucky find because the food was so good!

Baking this chicken is tough work, you’ll have to first marinade the chicken, wrap it in paper then bake it in a salt bath. Hence, the name salt baked chicken! Apparently, Lam’s Kitchen (the parent company) is more famous for its abalone noodles than its Salt Baked Chicken. The meat is tender and flavourful, seeped in its own chicken goodness.

Although I don’t usually take spice, the chilli that comes along is not that spicy and complements the chicken well.

Tender chicken thigh baked in goodness

You can opt for white rice or mixed rice

Baked potatoes that were pretty normal

Fruit baskets

It was a very trying Christmas period because my father aka Dadster was warded for a major surgery. I spent my leave week shuttling between Gleneagles Hospital and home which was physically and emotionally exhausting. Dadster has always been very headstrong and it was a 180 degrees turn to see him weak, tired and sick.

Dadster’s many friends and business partners heard about his hospitalization and sent us many fruit baskets. I was telling my Momster we should start selling these fruit baskets at MRT stations since we won’t be able to finish them. Of course she didn’t value my entrepreneurship spirit.

I told her I can do a very loud, “LE LONG LE LONG”. (Le long means sales)


Lelong lelong

Swap: Favourite candy (Nov/Dec)

Was really lucky to have a Japanese partner for the November/December Favourite Candy swap because I received my all-time favourite green tea Kit Kats! Green tea Kit Kats also fall under the “things I don’t share” category like Plain Vanilla cupcakes.

My partner was very generous and definitely exceeded the USD2 cap. It’s not an obligation to send more than the expected value of USD2 swap as stated in the requirements but I know a lot of swappers do. I do as well because I like to pay it forward, that is, to pass on the kindness I receive from other swappers.

Parcel from Japan

All the goodies!

Breaking it down

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Good buys: Humble Beginnings

If you’re a fan of Humble Beginnings and you happen to be in Malaysia, try having the cakes be delivered to you and bring it back to Singapore instead.

Eight pieces of vanilla crepe goodness

Layers of vanilla crepe

The base price for the cake and delivery price are much cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore.

Base price of cakes
Malaysia: 72RM (based on exchange rate of 2.42) = approx 29SGD
Singapore: 58SGD

Delivery prices
Malaysia (Penang island, mainland Penang, Johor, KL, Petaling Jaya: approx RM10-15/2.42 = approx 4.13 to 6.19SGD
Singapore: 10SGD flat

Check out the layers!

Penang food: Eng Loh coffeeshop

Up bright and early for a chirpy start. Hi guys, this is my new smile!

If you’re planning to visit the Penang Peranakan Mansion, you might want to drop by Eng Loh coffeeshop for some breakfast first. The coffeeshop is directly opposite the museum and serves some interesting bread.

At the junction of Eng Loh’s location

There are plenty of bread options available ranging from the more Asian choices to Western stuff such as the American breakfast.

Double exposure

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Good buys: Benefit Cosmetics Finding Mr Bright

If you’re looking to purchase Benefit Cosmetics, why not try joining a spree?

I did some research to check out how much I would save if I purchase this beauty kit, Finding Mr Bright, online as opposed to at the local Sephora Store.

The product at Sephora store costs: SGD51

At Benefit website: USD27.99 based on 1.33 (USD exchange rate) will cost: SGD$37.23. If you join a spree (shoppers cobbling online to save on shipping costs) as Benefit offers free international shipping above USD150, you basically pay postage within Singapore (about $2?). The total costs will add up to approx $39.23

You save about $12 which buys you… about 4 plates of chicken rice. Or two McDonald’s meals with one ice cream cone and some coins to spare. Or 11 Milo packets at Cheers convenience store.

Finding Mr Bright – four mini sized products