Memories box

I have this little tupperware box full of notes, cards and random tokens that I collect to remind me of experiences that I love. I call this my little Memories Box. I used to be very scattered and like to chuck my things all over the place (especially in hall) so one fine day I decided to get organised and keep my memories in a box.

Once in a while, I like to take them out and be reminded of the beautiful times I’ve had.

Not very pretty but it serves its purpose

My frst ever item with NUS Dance Blast!

My driving lessons’ notebook

Took a torturous three years to pass my driving license and provided the school with a lot of income

Was pretty hopeless and so used to rote learning by my good memory, I used to recite my parking mantra

Lastly, a card gifted by my JC school mate five years ago after graduating from JC. Strangely, my features don’t seemed to have changed much.


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