Digital savvyness

Was speaking to a friend recently who commented on how dysfunctional his family is which made me think about how dysfunctional my family is. A colleague of mine also posted a picture titled, “My sister, my best friend” which makes me wonder, dang, how do you be best friends with your sister? I always try not to strangle my sister who is a serious hoarder.

I think I’m pretty happy with my family structure and how we communicate. It’s a tad warped but I think it’s a unique thing! Our communications are mostly digital in nature.

My family are all pretty geeky, we own an average of three device per person. More ever, we don’t really hang out in the living room or dining room except to watch tv with my grandma. Since we’re separated by stairs (I stay in a landed property), we like to whatsapp or Facebook message each other. Sometimes, my dadster will also create Facebook events and make us RSVP to his events. Maybe, it makes him feel technologically savvy that way.

A couple of friends commented how warped this is but I don’t think it is! My momster still like to come to my room to annoy my cat and the entire family still eats together pretty often. In fact, without these digital advances, I think it would be pretty difficult for us to coordinate seven different schedules.


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