Turning 24

It feels unreal that I’m 24 this year.

I stopped counting the occasions I’ve been mistaken for a junior college/polytechnic/university student. Well, I guess it has its perks as well. Just the other day, I had 50 per cent off my hair wash and cut because the stylist charged me student price without requesting for any identification.

Back to the topic, I was lucky enough to have a day off from work and I spent it living my vapid dreams of being a tai tai.

Headed to House at Dempsey

Vintage high tea at House is available only on Thursdays and Fridays.

With Shu, who always dreams of being a Tai Tai who sips high tea and prepares lunch brown bags for her kids

If you haven’t been to House, the whole place is not walled, but glassed. Do you get it? Instead of wall, the building has glass walls, which is nice and all but in the afternoon, it creates this glasshouse effect which traps heat. Unfortunately, we were seated by the windows and slowly getting baked.

Thankfully, our seats were changed following our request.

Lovely sunshine though

I feel that the vintage high tea had a better selection of savouries than sweets.

Pizzas and sliders

Go for the truffled wild mushrooms

There was a small cheese selection and numerous bread with toppings

Sweets which I don’t recall much of

Well, I liked the savouries way better. The skinny pizzas are the bomb.

If you’re there, you HAVE to try the red espresso latte which is kinda like the ang moh cousin of Teh Tahrik

It comes with a little cup of honey to sweeten your day

Last indulgent picture, only Shu will bother to print these cupcake toppers but many hearts for her. My Blast! journey would have lacked a lot of laughter without her ditzy-ness.

There was also Vietnamese spring rolls (which I had gone off after my trip back from Hanoi) on a bed of rocket leaves. Now, we’re talking sweetheart.

If you do go, nibble at the sweets and binge on the savouries. They also served two types of tea, one was a mint tea the other was ginger tea which were both unpalatable for me. I wished they had a greater selection of teas, damn, even tea bags are good enough. Nonetheless, for $25 I think it’s a good variety.

House at Dempsey
8D Dempsey Road
Tel: 6475 7787
Vintage High Tea Buffet: Thurs, Fri 3pm-5.30pm
Price: 25++ (Red Espresso latte is a separate order of about $5)


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