Penang hostel: Muntri Inn

The last of all Penang posts!!

Travel buddies xoxo

Our flight back to Singapore was quite late and since we did web check in, we didn’t have to be at the airport until about 8/9pm. Since we had to check out at 12pm, this will leave us homeless for quite a bit so we decided to book a cheap single room at another hostel.

I recommend other travelers who are in this predicament to do this as well. Penang’s weather is erratic with frequent downpours, there may be a chance you are relegated indoors and the last thing you want is to left homeless. A single room at any hostel is a good deal for the comfort and shelter.

We got a single room at Guest Inn Muntri

Pretty nice place with some hang out areas. There’s free instant coffee if you like. I had Penang white coffee btw.

You can play pool too

The hostel had good reviews on travel websites such as Tripadvisor and

Price list, Sept 2012. We paid about SGD20 for a single private room to hang out before our flight

Restrooms at the back. I had a nice shower before we left

A small cosy room. Don’t worry, it was us who messed up the place

This is also the end of Penang posts!

Guest Inn Muntri Sdn Bhd

No. 17, Muntri Street
10200 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +604 263 3228
Fax : +604 262 3229
Reservation :
Facebook : Guest Inn Muntri


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