A letter back home

” Hi guys,

Wanted to do a quick shout out to everybody back home! Hope all is well and dandy. It’s getting much warmer in Seattle and I am dealing better with the cold. It’s no joke to be caught in the wind. Last week, it was so windy that the rain fell sideways. A first time for everything too – I walked in the snow to work last Friday! I was so excited about the snow and all the Seattleites were going, “Oh damn the snow.”

It’s been a great experience being here in the hub of all activity. I’ve had many sharing sessions and learnt so much stuff that everything is spilling out of my head. The working style and dynamics are very different from Singapore and I kind of miss the buzz, noise and activity in our shophouse. Tomorrow, I’m going to see the Microsoft campus.

Another week to go in Seattle before I see the lights in New York. Many thanks to all for holding down the fort when I’m away.

Missing everyone and sending all my happy thoughts back (heart shape x3 and <3). Please have some fish soup and sotong balls for me. ”

17 to 31 March

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