Camera that I am using

And so, I received a few questions about what camera I’m using.

I use a compact camera most of the time because it’s small and easy to slip into my pocket. I hate lugging around a DSLR because it’s too heavy and I’m typically out more than 8 hours a day. This is a pass-me-down from my hipster Dadster who upgraded to a DSLR.

While the Sony Cyber-shot is serving me well, I’m thinking of upgrading to a semi-pro for better quality pictures, especially, when shooting at night and taking action pictures. The Cyber-shot has been with me for a while and it’s becoming a little wonky. The short battery life is a constant problem for me. Whoever has three batteries for a single camera?

Me, only me.

I usually touch up my photos using either Photoshop or Photoscape.

Sony Cyber-shot