Bangkok food: Another Hound Cafe

This time, prior to my Bangkok trip, I am proud to say that I did my research. One of the places often mentioned online, is the Greyhound Cafe and Another Hound Cafe. I was initially kind of confused between the two cafes before I realised simply, the Greyhound Cafe is the parent cafe that gave birth to lots of babies like Another Hound Cafe. There are multiple branches of Another Hound Cafe located through out Bangkok.

Also, a tidbit, there’s multiple Greyhound Cafes in Hong Kong too. I’m guessing its definitely cheaper in Bangkok than in Hong Kong.

I went to Another Hound Cafe in Siam Paragon. The exact location of the cafe is a bitch to find, I would suggest asking for directions from the information desks peppered throughout the mall.

Another Hound Cafe on Instagram

Here’s a better picture

Beautifully decorated

This is the main restaurant area that serves the main menu. To the right of the main restaurant…

is Sweet Hound Cafe

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