Which city did you liked better?

I visited Seattle and New York earlier this year so I get this question a lot.

My personal favourite was Seattle although initially, I thought New York would have resonated better with me since it was all the glitz and glamour that Broadway was famous for – something that I have been following for the longest time.

I felt that the Northwestern Pacific people were much warmer, kinder and the food (and zomg, coffee/chai lattes) were so amazing. I had so much good chowders I was on practically a liquid diet. I adore the chilly and sunny weather. The farmer’s markets were good  fun to walk to through and poke about. The couple of dance classes I went to were also very different from New York.

New York seems to be a much more touristy as compared to Seattle. It would have been fun with friends though I think.

This was a check off my bucketlist though: traveling on my own. It took me so much courage to do this and it was with no regrets.


One thought on “Which city did you liked better?

  1. I’m so glad you went both places, and it’s fascinating to see you liked Seattle better. I love both places and agree that in a lot of ways, Seattle is easier to visit and live in. I wouldn’t be surprised if New York is such a large city that there is a lot of cool art and culture but you have to search harder for it.

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