Lady M at Marina Square

My first encounter with Lady M was on the other side of the globe, in New York earlier in March. It kinda sparked my fascination to find the best mille crepe cake available in Singapore. I had Classic Cake (which I.. kinda forgot where the pictures went, but try the Salted Caramel brownie. That is heavenly!), Humble Beginnings and Lady M. Of all three, I think that Lady M has the best offering!

I was ecstatic to hear that there’s an outlet in Singapore. However, this lovely dessert is not cheap at all. If you couple it with a latte, it comes at $15 a pop. I do get it why it’s so expensive, there are twenty layers of crepe (hence the name, duh) with vanilla cream ensconced in between. The top layer of crepe is lightly torched and comes slight smoky and caramelized.

My gripe is that: The layout of the place doesn’t seem very smart especially during peak hours. It can take up to half an hour to get a table especially during peak period e.g. 2pm right after lunch. I went there at off peak twice, 11am and 4.30pm, and I didn’t have to wait. The wait staff also took a while before they served me and forgot to bring me my bill, twice. It also looks hard for groups of more than 4/5 to get tables.

Will I head back there? Yes, only at off peak timing.

They have other stuff too

Lady M Confections Singapore (Marina Square)
#02-103 Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 9pm


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