I declare I’m a really bad blogger because my backlogs go up to a year ago.

So this is my bucket list  for Seattle if you’re bound there:

To see

1. Experience Music Project — I loved this place

2. International Fountain

3. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Centre

4. The Waterfront

5. University of Washington

To shop

1. U District Farmer’s Market

2. U District vintage shops – I scored a new pair of Vans at 20USD

3. Pike’s Market – How can you miss this!

4. The first Starbucks store

5. Westfield Southcentre (my fave mall)

6. Bellevue Square

7. Pine Street

To eat

1. Pike Fish Fry (Capitol Hill)

2. Glo’s Cafe (Capitol Hill)

3. Duke’s Chowderhouse (Southwest)

4. Crumble & Flake (Capitol Hill)

5. Taylor’s Shellfish (Capitol Hill)

6. Thai Tom (U District)

7. Trabant Coffee (U District)

8. Three Girls’ Bakery (Pike’s Place)

9. Shultzy Sausages (U District)

10. Dick’s Drive In (Capitol Hill)

To dance

1. Westlake Dance Centre

2. Velocity Dance Studio





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