Seattle: Hotel Monaco

If you’re traveling to Seattle for business trips (I’m guessing Microsoft?) and you’re the kind who like a little more life/buzz, I would suggest for you to room in one of the Kimpton Hotels in downtown Seattle instead of Bellevue where most of the offices are located. Kimpton Hotels own a chain of boutique hotels in Seattle.

Staying in downtown simply offers way more options in terms of shopping, necessities and food. The trip from downtown Seattle to Bellevue is a relatively easy one by bus or taxi. If you’re a survivor of Asian traffic,  Seattle public transport is peanuts to navigate. I had initially opt for Alexis Hotel but ended up at Hotel Monaco as the former sold out on the basic room. Alexis Hotel was closer to the city centre and Pike’s Place but Hotel Monaco was merely a couple of blocks down. I believe the features of both hotel are similar.

I stayed in the Queen Room, the most basic room but even the most basic room is a 1-room suite.

The view once you step into the room

The work desk area for me

The sleeping portion

Each room gets a leopard-print and/or zebra print robe

No breakfast in the morning but there is free Starbucks basic brew with various options of milk and sugar

I remember my stay being enjoyable and pleasant!

Plus points:

  1. Register ahead before you book your hotel stay as a Kimpton InTouch member, this will give you free wireless and $10 mini bar credit.
  2. Comfortable plush bed with different options of pillows.
  3. Central location with a bus stop nearby for travel into Bellevue, it took me approx 30 minutes to travel into Bellevue from downtown Seattle. The bus ride is quite okay since not a lot of people take public transport in Seattle, you’re almost certain to get a seat. The Seattle public library, downtown malls, Target and Pike’s Place is merely a walk away.
  4. There was a recycling programme, if you don’t need your linens changed, I think they provided a coupon ($5 or $10) which you can redeem at the hotel restaurant.
  5. There’s a evening wine hour from 5-6pm where you get to sample a few types of wines
  6. There’s a gym onsite but quite minimal so don’t expect too much.

There wasn’t a free breakfast option but free breakfasts don’t appear to be common in Seattle. There were morning tea and coffee from Starbucks.

If I have the chance to travel for business again, I’ll probably go for Hotel Alexis for closer proximity to sights.




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