Seattle food: Dick’s Drive In

Dick’s Drive In was one of those names that kept popping up in my research for my Seattle trip. In fact, in 2012, Dick’s Drive In was voted as one of the “most life changing burger” in Esquire’s poll. There’s also a Reddit thread discussing In-n-Out (which I didn’t see) and Dicks Drive In.

There are seven locations at the moment and I went to the Broadway outlet, not so early one night.

When my US colleagues asked me what were a couple of places I’ll like to check out and I told them Dick’s Drive In and they went like, “yeah, it is a quintessential Seattle experience.”

Wrapped in gold foil

I had a deluxe, fries, a milk shake and tartare sauce. It was quite an inexpensive meal.

If you check out Dick’s Drive In menu, this meal would have cost:

$2.90 (burger) + $1.65 (fries) + $2.30 (milk shake) + 0.05 (tartare sauce) = US$6.90 which is about $8.50 in SG. If you change your MacDonald’s for a milk shake, it’s probably about this price. I would pay for Dick’s Drive In any day over MacDonald’s.

Dick’s Drive-In

115 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

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