SG Food: Milagro Spanish Restaurant

Actually, finding affordable and good food in Orchard is not that tough. I can easily rattle off places that are $10 and below. However, if you throw in the mix of nice atmosphere and great service, that place you’re looking for gets a bit more tough.

Also I get annoyed when wait staff judges me and my occasional dining partner…. aka Kindle 5.

I read about Milagro Spanish Restaurant in 8 Days earlier and searched for reviews online. Not many blogs/food reviewers have covered this gem despite the great and super value meals this place have! If you’re in the area, I’ll recommend heading here for the lunch set. As I would tell my friends, this is very “wu hua”, which means, worth it!

Milagro has a seafood and chicken paella for S$12 only and to be honest, it is enough and sufficient to feed two persons. Add $4 for a salad and cappuccino mushroom soup.

The paella comes with almost two of every seafood, which makes it really great for sharing! The paella had a slight tinge of spiciness and kind of resembles curry. This dish uses a short grain rice that absorbs the intense flavours very well.

The chicken pieces were tender and soft, the seafood had a bounce to them, very fresh indeed!

Cappuccino mushroom soup

Comes with chunky mushrooms

Usually, I go for chunky and thick mushroom soups. While this cappuccino veers on the watery and foamy side, the flavour was not lost. I enjoyed the soup very much a lot! It was perfect as a side.

Side salad that comes with a citrus vinegar dressing. The salad has orange inside.

The waiter even checked in with me to see if I liked my meal – how rare is that? My ice water was topped up without any request

And was surprised to see that there was no GST or service charge

Will definitely be back here again to check out the tapas for dinner.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant, #08-06/07
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Opening hours: 12 noon – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm


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