Of friends since 17 (and maybe a bit more)

I don’t really talk about my secondary school much, mainly because I don’t feel that I had a lot to take away from my teenage years. I also had to deal with an unfortunate incident, which, until now, is a pivotal point of my life.

My momster (that’s why I call my mum) once told me that I’ll meet my closest friends in Junior College (JC) and she’s right. Maybe because JC was probably the toughest two academic years of my life which my friends helped me through. And also, come to think about it, the longest number of hours I spend in school, naturally, your friends help you through the long hours.

Anyway, my JC friends and I, all stay round the corner from each other and no one moved away (yay). While we weren’t all from the same class, we met each other mutually, we clicked well and enjoyed spending time with each other. I’m thankful for all of them – they are some of the most selfless, un-judgemental and honest friends that I have. We’ve also grown and matured over the years together to understand that we each have our own priorities.

We stuck with each other through JC, National Service (Singapore’s conscripted army), university, relationships and now we’re into corporate life (and soon to be marriage for one).

Here’s a sweet story to share.

One of them, Ken, is an air steward. I used to ask him to bring pudding milk tea back from Taiwan for me. This was when he first started flying, maybe four years ago. A couple of weeks back, he actually texted me that he bought the milk tea from Taiwan to Singapore.

I was a little shocked and somewhat amazed to receive the text because he remembered… after 4 years. And sorry ladies, this man  is taken (not by me if that’s what you’re thinking).

Now, time to think what else do I want from another destination…

(If anyone is wondering, these are old pictures from this year’s birthday celebrations so it’s not my birthday!)


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